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Hairmasters Institute of Cosmetology believes in providing a quality education and as many opportunities as possible for our graduates in the cosmetology field. We encourage our students to develop a professional manner and a personal code of ethics in their relationships with their employers, co-workers and their vocation in cosmetology. We dedicate ourselves to the individual care and attention that it takes to fulfill the goals of each of our students.


Why a Pivot Point Education?

We've been a Pivot Point Member School for the past 28 years; the only one in McLean Co. Core principles of design are taught: form, texture, color. Read More >>


Why Hairmasters Institute of Cosmetology?

With 75 years of experience amongst our staff, we can give you the education and support you need to be a success. Read More >>



Your future begins once you start your education with us. We will help you obtain a cosmetology license which will help you find a job you love. Read More >>

"In my many years as a hairstylist, I encounter so many people who hated their cosmetology school. I feel so lucky that I had a great experience during school, thanks to Hairmasters Institute of Cosmetology. I credit the great teachers and program for my career and love of education and hairstyling. Thanks to teachers who went the extra mile, I left school ready for what the real world had to offer. Everyone at Hairmasters Institute of Cosmetology truly cared about us students and helped us believe that we could be any type of hairstylist we wanted to be. Julie, the owner, also encouraged us with her love of the industry and her extensive knowledge of the business side of things. Because of Hairmasters Institute of Cosmetology, I was able to pursue the career of my dreams. I have worked at Fashion Week in NYC, educate for one of the best brands on the market (Living Proof), and opened and run my own salon suite. None of this would have been possible without the top notch education and passion I received from Hairmasters Institute of Cosmetology. I am forever grateful!"

- Adam Bogucki
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