Grading System & Graduation

Students may contact their advisor at any time during the year to determine their expected date of graduation.  This allows the college to check if the student has fulfilled all requirements to graduate.  A student who has successfully completed a prescribed course of study may be recommended by the faculty for a diploma and to take the Illinois State Board examination once completing the following requirements:

  1. Complete hour requirements for the course.

  2. 85% Final GPA.

  3. Pay all charges due to the school.

  4. Complete all and any requirements as detailed on the Practical & Theory unit sheet.

  5. Complete operation schedule.

  6. Written and practical final examinations must be passed with an 80%.



Each student who graduates from Hairmasters Institute of Cosmetology will receive: 

  1. Hairmasters Institute of Cosmetology Diploma

  2. The 6 Pivot Point Program Diploma



Theory examinations will be given for each unit.  Students will also be assigned a minimum number of requirements in each practical service area.  Students will be given daily grades based on practical experiences on mannequins and actual services performed on mannequins and clients in the clinic or workshop classroom.


GRADING SCALE: (Theory and Practical)

100 - 95% = A
94 - 90% = B
85 - 89% = C
80 - 84% = D
0 - 79% = F

To determine students final GPA, the following system will be used:

Theory Examination 25%
Final Written Exam 25%
Daily Practical Evaluations 25%
Final Practical Evaluations 25%


Every unit or as deemed appropriate, an academic evaluation of each student will be issued.  A written Satisfactory Progress Policy will be given to each student by the first class session.  No student will be given a diploma until all exams (Theory and Practical) have been passed and all monetary obligations have been fulfilled.



State Board Examinations are held in Springfield or Chicago every month.  The 1500 - hour cosmetology course will take approximately 13-21 months to complete and the cosmetology instructor class will tale 4 - 14 months to complete.



The final written and practical examinations will be given approximately every 8 weeks for students who have 1250 or more hours of training.  There will be no additional charge of these examinations.  after the completion of all graduation requirements, the student will be registered to take the State of Illinois Board Examination.  To be registered for the state board examination, the student must have a grade of 85% in theory and practicals along with a passing score on the final practical examination that complies with the Illinois Cosmetology Practice Act.  The school will provide necessary papers and give instructions for filing for the Cosmetology Examination given by the testing agency. 

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