School Policy


Students must be in full attendance by 15 minutes past their scheduled arrival time. Day students must punch in before 9:15am and evening students must punch in before 4:15pm. All students are given 10 late days. These days should be used when the student finds it impossible to arrive within the 15-minute grace period. After these late days are used, the student will not be allowed to attend classes if they arrive past the 15-minute grace period.


Students must phone the school office if they will be absent: (309)828-1884. All students are given 20 personal days at the beginning of their training that they are not charged for. Students should note that anyone absent for 10 consecutive school days would be withdrawn. If you will be absent for an extended period of time, please contact the FA office about qualifications for a Leave of Absence.


The student must complete all assignments and tests, both theory and practical, for each unit before being allowed to progress to the next unit. Make up test dates or study hall will be posted at the discretion of the instructor. It is the student's responsibility to complete all assignments. Students are to make a sincere effort to maintain satisfactory attendance and academic progress.


Any student found to be involved in stealing from another student or from the school will be dismissed immediately. Any student guilty of willful destruction of the school or property will be dismissed. Profanity and / or violence are grounds for immediate dismissal without re-admittance. Students will be dismissed for not adhering to the Satisfactory Academic and Attendance Policy.


The student will maintain at all times a high level of professionalism, which includes:

  • Professional Appearance - Clothing
  • Proper Attitude
  • Good Work Ethic - Attendance and Academic

Students must obey all rules of personal Hygiene, sanitation and sterilization while in school. The student agrees to prepare all assignments and perform all duties as required. The student agrees to pursue the course of instruction diligently. Students must conform to the dress code at all times while in school. Students are to be polite and friendly at all times with clients, school officials and fellow students. The school conforms to the "Anti-Drug Abuse Act" of 1988 and the "Drug Free School and Campuses Act" of 1989.


The change from high school to the demands of college is sometimes abrupt and difficult. Therefore counseling and advising are vital services at Hairmasters Institute of Cosmetology. Assistance is available to students to help with housing, part-time employment, financial aid and employment opportunities after graduation. Each student is assigned to a member of the faculty who serves as the student's advisor. Drug prevention and counseling referrals are available. Individuals seeking assistance may speak with his/her counselor at the college for guidance and reference. Complete details of the Drug Prevention Program are explained in the Orientation Manual, Which is given to the student before the first day of class.

Life Time Job Placement Assistance

Hairmasters Institute of Cosmetology maintains a job placement services for graduates at no charge, in order to assist in locating employment. Upon successful completion of a course, students are counseled for employment assistance and the school will use its best effort to successfully place students. However, the student is advised that laws prohibit any college for guaranteeing placement after graduation.


Discrimination is against the law. Our school does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, financial status, age, sex, or country/ethnic origin or residence in our admittance, instruction, graduation policies or other activities that may occur at Hairmasters Institute of Cosmetology. The practice and requirements of non-discrimination also extends to employment by the school in programs and activities operated by the school.

Policy of Privacy

Hairmasters Institute of Cosmetology shall not release any information about the student unless the student and/or parent, if a minor, authorize them to do so in writing. Hairmasters Institute of Cosmetology complies with the Family Education Right-of-Privacy Act (FERPA). Absolutely NO information will be released unless we are authorized to do so in writing by the appropriate party (parties). It is our policy not to publish a Student Directory.

Student File Access

Any student or parent, if a minor, shall be guaranteed the right to have access to their grades and records accumulated in the student's file(s). At the time of such access, an instructor shall be present for interpretation of the records when being reviewed by the student. All students will be advised that state and government agencies, including: USDE, NACCAS and ILDPR, will have access to the students' files for the purpose of conducting program reviews and inspections.

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